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Controller - despatch software for courier, sameday, chauffeur, and taxi companies.

Welcome to Courier Systems.

My name is Nigel Thomas, I'm the author of Controller despatch software designed especially for delivery industries. Whether you run a courier, chauffeur or taxi company, my dispatch software will help you become more efficient and profitable.

I have designed this site so you can find out about Controller despatch software, keep up to date with news, upgrades, developments and obtain support for Controller software.

If you are a first time visitor, be sure to visit the Try Us area where you can install and get a feel for how Controller works. Thanks for dropping by...
Nigel Thomas.
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Are you an agent for APC?

How much are you spending on postage each month, �100, �200, �500? Did you know Controller can work alongside your depot program, and email your APC invoices for you? The savings can be considerable.

Controller will save you money

If you send out more than 15 invoices a week, you will have paid for Controller software - just through emailing your invoices to clients. This doesn't take into account the employee time saved - no more folding invoices and putting them in envelopes.

And we haven't got started on the real reason for using Controller - efficiently despatching work, texting drivers, calculating prices, remembering quotes, consistently pricing jobs, calculating drivers costs, business reports and so on.

See how Controller can help you.

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